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All products below have been discontinued and are sold out.

Glitter Night Light
Glitter Night Light
Century Lava Lamp Century Lava Lamp Aristocrat Aristocrat Aristocrat
Silver Century™ Century™ Silver Aristocrat™ Midnight Aristocrat™ Aristocrat™
Electric Lava Lamp Princess Lava Lamp Enchantress Lava Lamp Starship Lava Lamp Starship Lava Lamp
Electric™ Princess™ Enchantress™ Starship™ Silver Starship™
Wizard Lava Lamp Psychedelic Lava Lamp Safari Lava Lamp
Wizard™ Psychedelic Swirl™ Safari™ Flag Giant
Midnight Lava Lamp Silver Streak Lava Lamp Ceramic Lava Lamp wave
Midnight™ Silver Streak™ Ceramic Series Wave Machines

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