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Replacement Globes & Bases

It is not possible to buy replacement fluids for lava lamps. Replacement globes (the glass fluid vessel containing the lava and liquid), bases, and caps are not sold. Replacement light bulbs are available. View replacement parts

Safety Information

Your Lava® brand motion lamp has a polarized plug (one plug is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will only fit in a polarized outlet one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If you still encounter problems, call a qualified electrician. Never use with an extension cord unless the plug can be fully inserted. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT THIS SAFETY FEATURE.

Your Lava® brand motion lamp operates at a very warm temperature. The glass globe & base will become "HOT"! Do Not Handle While in Operation.

Lava® Brand Motion Lamp Operation

Image ©Haggerty Enterprises, Inc.

During initial warm-up of your Lava® brand motion lamp, the coil in the globe may tend to stand on end or float to the top of the globe. If this happens, keep your Lava® brand motion lamp operating for 4 hours or more to allow the secret "Lava®" material to become completely molten. The coil should then automatically drop to its correct position at the bottom of the globe. If the coil does not drop down, twirl the globe GENTLY in the base and the coil will drop.

Image ©Haggerty Enterprises, Inc.

Each Lava® brand motion lamp has its own personality, NO TWO LAVA® BRAND MOTION LAMPS WILL FUNCTION EXACTLY THE SAME.. However, above is a chart to help you determine if your Lava® brand motion lamp is having a problem. Keep in mind that this chart is based on the fact that you have allowed your Lava® brand motion lamp sufficient time for initial warm-up. Never operate your Lava® brand motion lamp for more than 10 hours at a time. This will insure proper operation and long globe life. Please be kind to your Lava® brand motion lamp, you don't want him to get sick!

NO FLOW/LOW FLOW Lava Brand Globes
(aka the lava is not moving or the lava is sitting at the bottom of the globe)

If the lamp has warmed up completely (the lava is melted and the lamp has been on for at least four hours) and the lava either settles to the bottom and stops flowing or the lava never flows at all, follow the instructions below.

1) Remove the globe from the base and set it on a flat even surface. (like Fig. 1)

Be very careful as the lamp is hot. Use pot holders if necessary. Do NOT shake the globe or turn it end over end as this will permanently ruin the lamp and void your warranty.

2) Leave the flat bottom of the globe on the table. Grip the cap and gently turn the globe for about a half minute so the lava rotates around the metal coil inside the very bottom of the globe.(see Fig. 1)

2) Put the globe back on the base. The flow usually picks back up again within an hour or so. Sometimes you will need to repeat the process several times (or during the next time you run the lamp).

Fig. 1

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